Appendix B Etymology

Taking the definitions of known words as canon, we can construct a lexicon of the language used on Barsoom recorded by Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB), through the narration of Earthmen such as John Carter (JC). The central conceit of this analysis is that this is a real language and that JC and ERB, while doing their best to record it, were not trained linguists.

To do this, I propose a standard Barsoomian alphabetic script – to keep it separate from ERB’s translations, it will be enclosed in brackets []. It consists of the following 14 consonants:

B, b b, as in bird
D, d d, as in dog
F, f f, as in fill
G, g g, as in gate
K, k k, as in karat
L, l l, as in lake
M, m m, as in moth
N, n n, as in nest
P, p p, as in pie
R, r r, as in rope
S, s s, as in soap
T, t t, as in tot
V, v v, as in vase
Z, z z, as in zoo

In addition, the following 8 symbols are used as consonants with two sounds:

Ĵ, ĵ dj, as in djinn
Ĺ, ĺ lt, as in halt
Ŋ, ŋ ng, as in tang
Ń, ń nd, as in candy
Š, š sh, as in sheep
Ţ, ţ pt, as in kept
Ŧ, ŧ th, as in thought
X, x ks, as in taxi

There are 10 vowels:

A, a ha, as in hat
Â, â ah, as in Khan
E, e e, as in met
Ē, ē ee, as in tree
É, é ay, as in say
I, i i, as in tin
Ī, ī y, as in tyke
Ō, ō o, as in more
Ü, ü oo, as in school
W, w wa, as in water

Note the lack of “H” as a consonant. I propose that vowels are slightly aspirated – this would explain many of the Anglicized transcriptions by ERB. Also, note that while there are other digraphs in ERB’s translations, such as “rk” and rd”, I have translated these as implied/swallowed syllables, such as “r-ik” and “r-id”.

ERB JER Definition Etymology
a â great/female great
Aaanthor Â-an-ŧōr ancient seaport of Barsoom great + cycle + nine (“Great Ninth Cycle”)
aard âr-id a glittering insect jewel + victor (“Champion Jewel”)
Aard Âr-id outcast kaldane jewel + victor (“Champion Jewel”)
aavar â-vâr chief scientist great + science (“Great Scientist”)
ad ad broad, wide; 9.75 feet (measurement) broad
Adanna Ad-an-â ancient martian woman who loved Zhuvahn D’Ark broad + cycle + female (“Pregnancy”)
adjat ad-ĵat long rifle broad + gun (“Long Gun”)
ahk âk throne throne
ahl âl distant/remote/far away distant
aht ât true/loyal loyal
ahthoat â-ŧōt great thoat of the green men great + steed (“Great Thoat”)
ahzo â-zō great spear of the green men (40 ft) great + spear (“Great Spear”)
aj alluring/danger alluring
ak ak battle/fight/warfare battle
Akai Â-kī guild master of assassin’s guild great + surprise (“Ambusher”)
A-Kor É-kōr prince of Manator one + dig (“The First Canal”)
al al [XXX]
a-la â-lâ major domo; chief servant of household great + slave (“Great Slave”)
Alool Al-ül a calot from the clutch of Awala and sibling to Woola XXX + fierce ("")
alt âĺ justice/revenge/vengeance justice
altsha âĺ-ša Martian custom of forbidding slayer of husband to claim wife justice + forbidden (“Forbidden Revenge”)
am am farm/farmer/cultivate farm
Amhor Am-ōr red nation known for raising food farm + new (“New Farm”)
Amol Am-ōl canyons in plateau between Belphor and Sarakaas farm + hill (“Farmed Hills”)
an an cycle; Martian week of 6-7 days; also the past in general cycle
Anatok An-â-tâk jed of Gooli cycle + great + fertile (“Time of Plenty”)
and light/not heavy light
ang city/settlement city
angith aŋ-iŧ firebomb city + killer (“City Killer”)
angtos aŋ-tōs empire city + alliance (“City Alliance”)
Anouk An-ük red woman of 100,000 years ago cycle + XXX (“XXX”)
apt fur; a white-furred beast of the north fur
ar âr jewel/insect jewel
arbok âr-bâk a poisonous lizard jewel + eat (“Insect Eater”)
Artol Âr-tōl hills near Duhor; peaks are snow-covered jewel + high (“Lofty Jewels”)
as as field/sward/plain/plaza field
A-Sor É-zōr former name of Tasor when he was in Manator one + tower (“Solitary Tower”)
asta as-tâ slender, purple grass field + plant (“Field Plant”)
Astok As-tâk prince of Dusar; son of Nutus field + fertile (“Rich Farmland”)
athurth â-ŧür-iŧ white ape great + white + killer (“Great White Killer”)
attar ât-târ Martian custom of offering sword loyal + sword (“Loyal Sword”)
Awala Â-ül-â calot mother of Woola great + fierce + female (“Great Fierce One”)
ay é 1; one one
aykiss é-kis First Ancestor one + ancestor (“First Ancestor”)
Ay-mad É-mad name taken by hormad as jeddak of Morbus one + man (“First Man”)
aysis é-sis red; the first Barsoomian ray one + power (“The First Ray”)
aysismad é-sis-mad Red Men one + power + man (“Red Man”)
Ay-vai É-vī Tree of Life (First Mother) one + mother (“First Mother”)
ayzar é-zâr one man flier one + fish (“One Flier”)
Azorn É-zōr-in orange furred calot? one + tower + street (“Solitary Tower Street”)
bak bak cure/medicine/heal heal
Bak Vorus Bak Vōr-is jed of Warhoons 100,000 years ago heal + eternity + power (“Healing of Eternal Water”)
bal bal cliffs cliff
Bal San Dor Bal San Dōr orovar scientist 100,000 years ago [XXX]
Bal Tab Bal Tab green man captured by Amhor and placed in zoo cliff + spy (“Lookout Cliff”)
Bal Zak Bal Zak naval officer of Toonol cliff + climb (“Cliff Scaler”)
ban ban cry/wail/roar roar
banth ban-iŧ Barsoomian lion roar + killer (“Roaring Killer”)
Bantoom Ban-tüm land of the Kaldanes roar + land (“The Roaring Lands”)
Ban-Tor Ban Tōr First Born soldier of Kamtol roar + four (“Perfect Roarer”)
Bantor Thren Ban-tōr Ŧür-en head acolyte of Temple of Issus in Helium roar + four + white + five (“Perfect Roarer the Thern”)
bar bâr 8; eight; wondrous, supernatural, magic eight
Bar Comas Bâr Kō-mas jeddak of Warhoons; address sign from ancient city eight + two + gate (“Eighth House after Second Gate”)
Barak Sol Bâr-ak Sōl a warrior of Thark eight+ battle + XXXX (“Wondrous Battle XXX”)
Baral Tavas Bâr-al Tav-is eight + xxx + xxx + power (“XXX”)
baris bâr-is the eighth barsoomian ray eight + power (“The Eighth Ray”)
Barsoom Bâr-süm Mars eight + world (“Wondrous Planet”)
Barsoom Ru Bâr-süm Rü the Dance of Barsoom eight + world + dance (“Barsoom Dance”)
bel bel forge/furnace forge
Belphor Bel-fōr a red nation forge + metal (“Metalworks”)
bim bim laugh/laughter laugh
bis bis peace peace
bok bâk eat/eating eat
bol bōl peak peak
calot kal-ât Barsoomian dog beast + loyal (“Loyal Animal”)
calot vak kal-ât-vak calot tree beast + loyal + tree (“Calot Tree”)
carvar kâr-vâr mastermind greatest + science (“Greatest Scientist”)
Carthoris Kâr Ŧōr-is prince of Helium; son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris greatest + nine + power (“Greatest of the Ninth Ray”)
Cham Ĵam last of the farse [XXX]
Chan Tomar Ĵan Tō-mâ the Jeddak of Karanthor whisper + hot + silver (“Silver-Tongued”)
chee ĵē [XXX]
Cluros Kil-ür-ōs the further moon of Barsoom; the lesser moon; Deimos black + truth + moon (“True Black Moon”)
corphal kōr-fal undead mentalists who can possess others dig + never (“Unburied”)
Cosoom Kō-süm Barsoomian name for Venus two + world (“Second Planet”)
Cynthara Dulchis Sin-ŧâr-â Dâl-kis unusual woman of gold from impossibly ancient Mars [XXX]
dab dab magnet magnet
daj daĵ question question
dak dak dagger/tooth dagger
Dak Kova Dak Kō-vâ jed of the Warhoons dagger + two + student (“Adept of the Dagger”)
dal dal games/challenge/sacrifice game
dan dan 6; six six
Dan Lan Chee Dan Lan Ĵē son of Pan Dan Chee and Llana six + gold + XXXX ("Six Gold XXXX ")
dane dén spider spider
danis dan-is indigo; the sixth Barsoomian ray six + power (“The Sixth Ray”)
dar dâr 1000; thousand thousand
dar ü-dâr military unit of 1,000 men children + thousand (“Thousand Children”)
Dar Tarus Dâr Târ-is warrior of Phundahl thousand + sword + power (“Might of a Thousand Swords”)
Daria Dâr-ē-â an assassin thousand + from + female (“From a Thousand”)
darseen dâr-sēn lizard thousand + iridescent (“A Thousand Shifting Colors”)
dartos dâr-tōs Martian bond of 1,000 years of marriage thousand + gift (“Thousand Bond”)
Darum Tel Dâr-üm Tel winged Orovar thousand + noble + rare (“A Thousand Rare Nobles”)
darzar dâr-zâr battleship thousand + fish (“Thousand Flier”)
d’ath daŧ a poisonous spider [XXX]
dator dé-tōr noble of the First Born; ancient non-Martian word (“old tongue”) OLD BARSOOMIAN
dav dav [XXX]
Dav-Kur Dav Kir [XXX]
day garden/flower flower
Dejah Thoris Dé-ĵâ Ŧōr-is princess of Helium; daughter of Mors Kajak; wife of John Carter; mother of Carthoris and Tara flower + gorgeous + nine + power (“Gorgeous Flower of the Ninth Ray”)
din din pray/prayer pray
dir dir [XXX]
Dir Nov Dir Nâ-âv a jed of Warhoon; founder of the Tharks xxx + circle + seven ("
djol ĵōl [XXX]
Djol Ĵōl a red nation [XXX]
djor ĵōr righteous righteous
Djor Kantos Ĵōr Kan-tōs padwar of Helium; son of Kantos Kan righteous + friend + gift (“Righteous Friendship”)
doh east east
dom dâm [XXX]
Domnia Dâm-nē-â kingdom of Ladan (Thuria) OLD BARSOOMIAN?
don dân nightmare nightmare
Dor Dōr tropical and fertile valley at the south pole of Barsoom valley (“The Valley”)
dor dōr valley valley
Dor Valian Dōr Val-ē-an jed of Yorn, son of Senneth Dor valley + hope + from + cycle (“Valley of Past Hope”)
dos dōs prepared/ready ready
Dotan Dō-tan east + hundred (“East Hundred”)
Dotar Sojat Dō-târ Sō-ĵat Thark name for John Carter east + sword + south + gun (“Sword Arm and Gun Arm”)
dox dâx omniscience omniscience
Doxus Dâx-is jeddak of Kamtol omniscience + power (“All-Powerful”)
du north north
Duhor Dü-ōr nation of red men in Artolian Hills north + new (“New of North”)
dur dür 1000000; million million
Dur Ajmad Dür Aĵ-mad noble of Amhor million + alluring + man (“Million Danger Man”)
Dur-dan Dür Dan hormad million + six (“One Million Six”)
Dusar Dü-zâr name of a airship of Panar north + fish (“Northern Fish”)
Dusar Dü-zâr northern nation of red men north + fish (“Northern Fish”)
dwar dwr captain leader
ee ē from/of/born/egg from
Ee-ay Ē-é The First Born; the black men of Barsoom from + one (“First Born”)
ek ek center/focus center
em em sharp sharp
E-Mad Ē-mad dwar of Manator from + man (“Born of Man”)
Em-Tar Em-târ warrior of Kobol sharp + sword (“Sharp Sword”)
en en 5; five/hand five
eniss en-is blue; the fifth Barsoomian ray five + power (“The Fifth Ray”)
En-Kah-Do En-ka-do a river sacred to the eponymous deity five + defend + east (“Five Defenders of the East”)
enteezar en-tē-zâr destroyer five + ten + fish (“Fifty Flier”)
enzar en-zâr five man flier five + fish (“Five Flier”)
Erem Prianus Ir-em Pē-an-is martian scholar; great mind, telescope XXX
ersite ir-is a sedimentary stone used in fabricating benches and tables; ERB added “ite” stone + power (“Water Stone”)
erthur ir-ŧür white marble stone + white (“White Stone”)
E-Thas Ē-ŧas servant of Manator from + rider (“Born in the Saddle”)
Exum Ek-süm center point of Barsoom center + world (“Center of World”)
fa honey/sweet honey
fak fak throw/toss throw
fal fal never never
Fal Sivas Fal Si-vas scientist of Zodanga; inventor of spaceship never + rough + plan (“Never Bumpy Plans”)
falis fal-is disintegrating ray invented by Phor Tak never + power (“Never Ray”)
famanta fâ-man-tâ milk from the mantalia honey + air + plant (“Air Plant Honey”)
farse fâ-is winged banth honey + power
fil fil [XXX]
fis fis cook/prepare cook
Floran Fil-ōr-an warrior of Gathol; enslaved by Manator XXX + new + cycle (“XXXX”)
fo insignia (“metal”) insignia
fonar fō-nâr battle harness worn by fighting men insignia + harness (“Battle Harness”)
Fo-nar Fō-nâr red man warrior of the Dusar insignia + harness (“Battle Harness”)
for fōr metal/metalworker metal
forandus fōr-ań-is hardest and lightest of Barsoomian metals metal + light + power (“Lightweight Metal of Power”)
forthur fōr-ŧür aluminum steel, carborundum aluminium metal + white (“White Metal”)
gah fire/flames fire
gon gân XXX XXX
Gahan Gâ-an jed of Gathol; husband of Tara; father of Llana fire + cycle (“Ancient Fire”)
gan gan script/writings or scribe scribe
Gan Had Gan Ad warrior of Toonol scribe + broad (“Prolific Writer”)
Gan Hor Gan Ōr dwar of Gathol scribe + new (“New Author”)
Gan-ho Gan Ō crewman of the Dusar scribe + simple (“Writer of Simplicity”)
Gantun Gur Gan-tin Gür head of the Assassin’s Guild of Amhor scribe + fly + song (“Composer of Airy Songs”)
gar gâr sky/firmament sky
Gar Karus Gâr Kâr-is father of Garthon; jedwar of Karanthor; winged Orovar sky + greatest + power (“Greatest Power in the Sky”)
Gar Nal Gâr Nal scientist of Zodanga; inventor of spaceship sky + XXX (“XXXXXX”)
Garana Gâr-an-â a red nation sky + cycle + female (“Ancient Skies”)
Garthon Gâr Ŧân sky + pattern (“Sky Pattern”)
gas gas [XXX]
gath gaŧ diamond diamond
Gathol Gaŧ-ōl red nation built upon a mountain known for its diamonds diamond + mountain (“Diamond Mountain”)
gek gek beetle beetle
gel gel enemy enemy
Gel Mas Gel Mas Gate of Enemies enemy + gate (“Enemy Gate”)
Ghasta Gas-tâ small city in the mouth of extinct volcano; forested, filled with spiders XXXX + plant (“XXXXXX”)
Ghek Gek kaldane of Bantoom; member of swarm of Luud beetle (“Beetle”)
Ghron Gür-ân mad jed of Ghasta song + dream (“Dream Song”)
gloresta gel-ōr-is-tâ flowering plant (a weed) enemy + new + power + grass (“New Enemy Water Plant”)
Gooli Gül-ē village on the island of Ompt lake + from (“From the Lake”)
gor gōr death death
Gor Hajus Gōr Aĵ-is gurthan of Toonol death + alluring + power (“Death by Dangerous Power”)
Gor-don Gōr Dân padwar of Pankor death + nightmare (“Nightmare of Death”)
gornar gōr-nâr Idiom for suicide mission death + harness (“Harness of the Dead”)
Gorrax Gōr Rax the Carrion Caves of Okar death + chamber (“Chambers of Death”)
gorthan gōr-ŧan assassin death + warrior (“Death Warrior”)
gos gōs treasure/relic/reward reward
Gozava Gōs-zâv-â green woman; mate of Tars Tarkas reward + lost + female (“Lost Treasure”)
G’ranna Gâ-ran-â outland city fire + palace + female (“Fire Palace”)
gul gül lake/pond lake
gur gür song/anthem song
Gur Tus Gür Tis dwar of Helium song + complex (“Intricate Melody”)
Gurak Gür-ak battle anthem of Helium song + battle (“Battle Song”)
haad â-ad Barsoomian unit of linear measurement; 1,949 feet great + broad (“Great Width”)
Had Urtur Ad Ür-tür odwar of Hastor; father of Tan Hadron broad + truth + holy (“Broad of Shoulder and Truly Holy”)
Haj Alt Aĵ Âĺ prince of Tjanath; son of Haj Osis alluring + justice (“Deadly Avenger”)
Haj Osis Aĵ Ō-sis jed of Tjanath alluring + simple + power (“Obviously Deadly”)
Haja Aĵ-â princess of Gathol; aunt of Gahan alluring + female (“Alluring”)
Hal Vas Âl Vas dwar of the southern road of Dusar; son of Vas Kor distant + plan (“Plans Ahead”)
Hamas Am-as head servant of Fal Sivas farm + field (“Field Hand”)
Han Du An Dü savator from Sasoom; prisoner of the morgors cycle + north (“History of the North”)
Hastor As-tōr red nation known for its airship-building field + four (“Perfect Fields”)
hekkador ek-â-dōr title of the high priest of therns center + great + valley (“Center of the Great Valley”)
Helium Ē-lē-üm the greatest red nation from + produce + noble (“Of the Industrious Nobility”)
Hin Abtol In Aţ-ōl jeddak of Panar street + fur + mountain (“Passage through the Apt Mountain”)
Ho Ran Kim Ō Ran Kim jeddak of Horz simple + palace + obsidian (Unadorned Palace of Obsidian")
Hohr Ōr tropical and fertile valley near Tjanath new
hor ōr new new
Hor Kai Lan Ōr Kī Lan brother of the ancient jeddak of Horz new + surprise + gold (“Unexpected Gold”)
Hor Vastus Ōr Vas-tis a naval officer of Helium new + plan + complex (“Innovative Planner”)
Hora San Ōr-â San former jeddak and high priest of Phundahl new + great + labor (“Great New Worker”)
hormad ōr-mad synthetic men created by Ras Thavas new + man (“New Man”)
Hortan Gur Ōr-tan Gür jeddak of Torquas new + hundred + song (“Anthem of the Newborn Hundred”)
Horz Ōr-is capital city of the ancient orovars new + power (“New Power”)
Hovan Du Ō-van Dü red man of Ptarth simple + priest + north (“Simple Priest of the North”)
i ī hidden/mysterious/unknown mystery
id id victor/champion victor
I-Gos Ī-gōs skilled taxidermist of Manator mystery + reward (“Hidden Reward”)
ik ik [XXX]
il il 3; three three
Il-dur-en Il-dür-en hormad three + million + five (“Three Million Five”)
iliss il-is yellow; the third Barsoomian ray three + power (“The Third Ray”)
ilissmad il-is-mad yellow men three + power + man (“Yellow Man”)
Illall Il-âl domed city of Okar three + distant (“Third Distant City”)
im im caught/imprisoned/captured capture
I-Mal Ī-mal a deceased jed of Manator mystery + giant (“Mysterious Giant”)
in, hin in road/street/avenue street
Invak In-vak a city in the Forest of Lost Men street + tree (“Forest Road”)
ir ir stone/rock stone
irtay ir-té “radium”; ground into powder; explodes when hit by sun’s rays sun + stone (“Sunstone”)
Iss Is great river of pilgrimage; River of Death; River of Mystery power (“The Water”)
iss is water/power/ray power
Issus Is-is living goddess of the First Born power + power (“Water Power”)
isvar is-vâr the study of energy, physics and chemistry power + science (“Power Science”)
ith killer killer
ix ix full of/many many
I-Zav Ī-zâv guard of Manator mystery + lost (“Mystery”)
ja ĵâ beauty/gorgeous gorgeous
jad ĵad [XXX]
Jad-han Ĵad An red man of Amhol; brother of Janai [XXX] + cycle
Jahar Ĵâ-âr nation of red men west of Torquas gorgeous + jewel (“Gorgeous Jewel”)
jak ĵak [XXX]
jal ĵal [XXX]
Jal Had Ĵal Ad jed of Amhor; created zoo [XXX] + broad
jam ĵam [XXX]
jan ĵan whisper/quiet/faint whisper
Janai Ĵâ-nī maid of Amhor gorgeous + stranger (“Beautiful Stranger”)
Jangor Ĵan-gōr a red nation whisper + death (“The Silent Death”)
Jasoom Ĵâ-süm Earth gorgeous + world (“Gorgeous Planet”)
jat ĵat pistol gun
Jat Or Ĵat Ōr padwar of Helium gun + new (“Rookie Gunner”)
Jav Ĵav a Lotharian [XXX]
jav ĵav [XXX]
jav ĵax [XXX]
Jax-Ur Ĵax Ür a winged Orovar XXX + truth ("
jed ĵed king king
jeda ĵed-â queen king + female (“Female King”)
jeddak ĵed-ak emperor king + battle (“Battle King”)
Jeddak In Ĵed-ak In Avenue of Jeddaks king + battle + street (“Imperial Street”)
Jeddak Mas Ĵed-ak Mas the Gate of Jeddaks in Helium king + battle + gate (“Imperial Gate”)
jeddakar ĵed-ak-kâr warlord king + battle + greatest (“Greatest Battle King”)
jeddara ĵed-âr-â empress king + jewel + female (“Jeweled Female King”)
jedwar ĵed-dwr field marshal king + leader (“King’s Leader”)
jel ĵel bird bird
jetan ĵed-an Barsoomian chess king + cycle (“Kings of the Past”)
Jhama Ĵâ-mâ ancient fortress inhabited by Phor Tak gorgeous + silver (“Gorgeous Silver”)
John Carter Ĵâ-ân Kâr-tür John Carter gorgeous + dream + greatest + holy (“Most Holy and Beautiful Dream”)
Joog Ĵüg the giant of Mars obstacle (“Challenger”)
joog ĵüg obstacle/challenge obstacle
ka ka defend/protect defend
kab kab [XXX]
Kab Kadja Kab Ka-ĵâ jed of the Warhoons of south [XXX] + defend + gorgeous (“xxxx Beautiful Defender”)
Kadabra Ka-dab-râ capital of Okar; domed city at North pole defend + magnet + top (“Defender of the Magnetic Pole”)
kadar ka-dâr guard defend + thousand (“Defender of Thousand”)
Kaday Ka-dé a dead city defend + flower (“Defending Gardens”)
kai surprise/ambush surprise
kal kal beast/animal beast
Kal Tavan Kal Té-van man of Hastor; father of Tavia; former prince of Tjanath beast + sun + priest (“Sun-Worshipping Creature”)
kaldane kal-dén a race of spider-like creatures beast + spider (“Spiderling”)
Kalksus Kal-ix-is name of airship; a swift well-armed cruiser-transport airship in the navy of Dusar; former ocean? beast + many + water (“Sea of Many Beasts”)
Kalvor Kal-vōr a dead city beast + eternal (“Infinite Beasts”)
kam kam carve/sculpt sculpt
Kam Han Tor Kam An Tōr shipbuilder of ancient Horz sculpt + cycle + four (“Sculptor of Ideal Times”)
Kamtol Kam-tōl city of the black pirates sculpt + high (“City of the Tall Sculptures”)
kan kan friend/ally/follower friend
kand kań duplicate/shadow/reflection/twin duplicate
Kandus Kań-is a man of Invak duplicate + water (“Reflection in Water”)
kantos kan-tōs friendship friend + gift (“Bond of Friends”)
Kantos Kan Kan-tōs Kan naval hero of Helium friend + gift + friend (“Friendmaker”)
Kaol Ké-ōl nation of red men near equator; heavily forested sight + mountain (“Mountain View”)
kaor ké-ōr hello sight + new (“Newly Seeing”)
kar kâr greatest greatest
Kar Komak Kâr Kō-mak phantom bowman of Lothar greatest + 20,000 (“Greatest of 20,000”)
Kara Vasa Kâr-â Vas-â maid of Phundahl greatest + female + plan + female (“Best Planner”)
karad kâr-ad degree of longitude greatest + broad (“Greatest Width”)
Karanthor Kâr-an-ŧōr an ancient city of scientists; home of the True-Born greatest + cycle + nine (“Greatest Ninth Cycle”)
karjat kâr-ĵat radium cannon greatest + gun (“Greatest Gun”)
Karro Kâr-rō a red nation greatest + joy (“Greatest Joy”)
Katur Ka-tür Defender of the Holies defend + holy (“Defender of the Holies”)
kay see/sight/view sight
kee cover/place on top of cover
keel kēl bark/skin skin
kil kil black black
kilmad kil-mad Black Men black + man (“Black Man”)
kilrav kil-rav The Black Pirates; alternate name for the First Born black + slaver (“Black Slavers”)
kim kim obsidian obsidian
Kiptang Kē-ţaŋ a dead city cover + structure (“Batttlements”)
kir kir [XXX]
kis kis ancestor ancestor
Kissin Kis In Avenue of the Ancestors in Helium ancestor + street (“Ancestor Avenue”)
ko 2; two/ twin, equal two
koak kō-ak Martian custom of facing with equal weapons two + battle (“Equal Battle”)
Koang Kō-aŋ Twin Cities; epithet of Greater and Lesser Helium two + city (“Twin Cities”)
Kobol Kō-bōl a red nation two + peak (“Twin Peaks”)
Komal Kō-mal a banth worshipped by the Lotharians two + giant (“Twice as Big”)
kon kân [XXX]
Kon-Dar Kân Dâr odwar of Karanthor; winged Orovar [XXX]
kor kōr canal/dig/grave/mine dig
Kor San Kōr San jeddak of Duhor; father of Valla Dia dig + labor (“Digger”)
Korad Kōr-ad ancient dead seaport dig + wide (“Wide Canals”)
Kor-an Kōr An warrior herdsman of Gathol dig + cycle (“Past Canal Traveller”)
Korus Kōr-is last of the Barsoomian seas dig + water (“Source of Canals”)
Korvas Kōr-vas a dead city dig + plan (“Planned Canals”)
kosis kōs-is orange; the second Barsoomian ray two + power (“The Second Ray”)
kotee kō-tē 20; twenty twenty
kova kō-vâ adept/journeyman two + student (“Twice the Student”)
kozar kō-zâr two man flier two + fish (“Two Flier”)
kul kül evade/escape evade
Kulan Tith Kül-an Tiŧ jeddak of Kaol evade + cycle + hunt (“Hunter of Ancient Prey”)
kuljoog kül-ĵüg obstruction evader invented by Carthoris evade + obstacle (“Obstacle Evader”)
kysab kī-sab stimulant surprise + awake (“Surprise Wake”)
la slave slave
lach laĵ [XXX]
Ladan Lâ-dan local name of Thuria; believe themselves the sixth planet OLD BARSOOMIAN?
Lakor Lé-kōr thern ruby + dig (“Ruby Miner”)
Lal Lal valley of calots [XXX]
lal lal [XXX]
lan lan gold gold
Lan Bal Lan Bal the Golden Cliffs that surround the Valley Dor gold + cliff (“Golden Cliffs”)
Lan Sohn Wen Lan Sōn Wn dwar of Horz gold + kiss + [XXX]
Lan-O Lan Ō maid of Gathol gold + simple (“Unworked Gold”)
lar lar platinum platinum
Larok Lar-âk a warrior-artificer of Dusar platinum + throne (“Platinum Throne”)
lat lat master/overseer master
Lat Mor Gor Lat Mōr Gōr Master of Life and Death; epithet of hekkador of therns master + life + death (“Master of Life and Death”)
lay ruby ruby
lee industrious/busy/produce produce
Lee Um Lo Lē Üm Lō orovar embalmer of Horz produce + noble + west (“Industrious Noble of the West”)
leel lēl the Barsoomian bee; makes “honey” bee
lis lis final/last final
Llana Lan-â princess of Helium; daughter of Tara and Gahan gold + female (“Golden Girl”)
Lleila Lēl-â a female dwar of Jahar; and a member of the guild of assassins bee + female (“Queen Bee”)
lo west west
Lorquas Ptomel Lō-kws Ţâm-il jed of Thark; name of a docking station in ancient Thark west + harbor + quay + three (“Western Harbor, Third Quay”)
Lothar Lō-ŧâr walled city; home of Lotharians west + ocean (“West of the Ocean”)
lud lüd a large insect locust
luk lük terror/frighten terror
lum lüm scabbard scabbard
Lum Tar O Lüm Târ Ō orovar of Horz scabbard + sword + simple (“Plain Sheathed Sword”)
lus lüs heaven/realm of gods heaven
Luud Lüd a kaldane of Bantoom; a king of a swarm insect (“Locust”)
ma silver silver
mad mad man man
maday mad-dé man-flower; a creeping vine of Kaol man + flower (“Man Flower”)
madvak mad-vak man-tree man + tree (“Man Tree”)
madvar mad-vâr the study of sociology, psychology and history man + science (“Man Science”)
mai son/brother son
mak mak 10000; ten thousand ten thousand
makzar mak-zâr dreadnought ten thousand + fish (“Ten Thousand Flier”)
mal mal giant giant
malagor mal-â-gōr a giant bird, thought to be extinct giant + great + death (“Giant of Great Death”)
malmanjat mal-man-ĵat pneumatic tubes giant + air + gun (“Immense Air Gun”)
malthurzil mal-ŧür-sil giant white lizard giant + white + reptile (“Giant White Lizard”)
man man air air/atmosphere
Manataj Man-â-taĵ a city of Manator air + great + emerald (“Great Emerald Wind”)
Manator Man-â-tōr red nation where jetan is played with living pieces air + great + four (“More Perfect Wind”)
Manatos Man-â-tōs a city of Manator air + great + gift (“Great Gift Wind”)
Man-lat Man Lat warrior of Kamtol air + master (“Master of the Winds”)
mantalia man-tâ-lē-â milk tree air + plant + produce + female (“Great Air Plant Female Producer”)
Marahn Mâ-râ-an a dead city of wizards silver + XXX + XXXX (“XXX”)
Maran Mâ-ran a mining outpost silver + palace (“Silver Fort”)
Marentina Mâ-ran Tē-nâ principality of Okar silver + palace + ten + circles (“Silver Palace of Ten Circles”)
mas mas gate/door/arch gate
Mas In Mas In Avenue of Gates gate + street (“Street of Gates”)
masena mâ-sēn-â the cat-men of Thuria silver + iridescent + female (“Silver Color Women”)
Matai Shang Mâ-tī Šaŋ father of the therns silver + father + temple (“Silver Father of the Temple”)
mee under/underground/subterranean under
mir mir [XXX]
mo scavenge scavenge
moak mō-ak a flesh-cleaning beetle scavenge + battle (“Battle Scavenger”)
Moak Mō-ak a jed of the kaldanes scavenge + battle (“Battle Scavenger”)
Modjel Mō-ĵel a dead city scavenge + bird (“Scavenger Bird”)
mor mōr life life
Morbus Mōr-bis ancient city on island life + peace (“Tranquility”)
Morgor Mōr-gōr city of the skeleton men life + death (“The Undead”)
morgor mōr-gōr skeleton men of Sasoom life + death (“The Undead”)
mors mōr-is soul life + power (“Lifeforce”)
Mors Kajak Mōr-is Ké-ĵak jed of lesser Helium; son of Tardos Mors; father of Dejah Thoris life + power + sight + [XXX] ("Soul
Mors Vak Mōr-is Vak Tree of Life life + power + tree (“Soul Tree”)
morvar mōr-vâr the study of biology, biochemistry and medicine life + science (“Life Science”)
Motus Mō-tis a noble of Invak scavenge + complex (“Elaborate Scavenger”)
mul mül silks/clothing silk
mulma mül-mâ silver weave of Ghasta silk + silver (“Silver Silk”)
Multis Par Mül-tis Pâr prince of Zor; son of Zu Tith silk + complex + merchant (“Seller of Intricate Silk”)
Mutel Mül-tel prince of Toonol silk + rare (“Rare Silk”)
Myr-lo Mir Lō scientist of Kamtol; invented nerve index machine [XXX] + west
na circle circle
nai stranger/foreigner/outcast stranger
nal nal [XXX]
nar nâr harness harness
Narsoom Nâr-süm Saturn harness + world (“Belted Planet”)
Narz Nâr-is a dead city harness + power (“Water Belt”)
nas nas helmet helmet
Nastor Nas Tōr dator of the First Born of Kamtol helmet + four (“Perfect Helmet”)
nee [XXX]
no intelligent/smart/keen intelligent
No Vor Kim Nō Vōr Kim jeddak of Horz (ancient) smart + eternity + obsidian (“Scrying Stone”)
Nolach Nō-laĵ A king of the kaldanes intelligent + XXX (“XXX”)
nolach nō-laĵ intelligent + XXX
Nolat Nō Lat dator of the First Born of Kamtol intelligent + master (“Wise Master”)
Nosaar Nō-zâr a dead city intelligent + fish (“Smart Fish”)
Notan Nō Tan royal psychologist of Zodanga; able to read dead men’s thoughts intelligent + hundred (“Smart as a Hundred”)
nu [XXX]
nur nür [XXX]
Nur An Nür An noble of Jahar [XXX] + cycle (“XXXX”)
Nutus Nü-tis jeddak of Dusar; father of Astok [XXX] + complex (“XXXX”)
o ō simple/unadorned/plain to see/obvious simple
O Ala Ō Âl-â savator of Sasoom; wife of Han Du simple + distant + female (“Visible from Far Away”)
o mad ō-mad a man without two names simple + man (“Common Man”)
odwar â-dwr general great + leader (“Great Leader”)
og âg [XXX]
ohn ōn [XXX]
Okar Ō Kâr land of yellow men of Barsoom simple + greatest (“Obviously the Greatest”)
oll ōl mountain/hill mountain
Olvia Marthis Ōl-vē-â Mâ-ŧis princess of Hastor; wife of Djor Kantos mountain + virgin + female + silver + vase (“Silver Vase of the Mountain Maid”)
O-Mai Ō Mī ancient jeddak of Manator simple + son (“The Brother”)
Ombra Âţ-râ nation of Thuria OLD BARSOOMIAN?
Omean Ō-mē-in underground ocean of Barsoom simple + under + street (“Essentially an Underground Passage”)
ompt âţ island island
Ompt Âţ island in the Toonolian marshes; capital is Gooli island
on ân dream dream
Onvak Ân-vak city in the Forest of Lost Men dream + tree (“Forest of Dreams”)
oo ü child/children/offspring/progeny child
oom üm noble/esteemed noble
oon ün [XXX]
ord ōr-id year new + victor (“New Winner”)
Orda Ōr-id-â new + victor + female (“Woman of the Year”)
orddar ōr-id-dâr lifetime/lifespan (1,000 years) new + victor + thousand (“Thousand Years”)
Orim Ōr-im a dead city new + capture (“Newly Captured”)
orluk ōr-lük a beast of the north with black and yellow striped coat new + terror (“The New Terror”)
Orm-O Ōr-im Ō boy of Duhor; slave of Amhol new + capture + simple (“Common New Captive”)
Orovar Ōr-ō-vâr the ancient white men of Barsoom new + simple + science (“New Basic Scientists”)
os ōs moon moon
O-Tar Ō Târ jeddak of Manator simple + sword (“Common Swordsman”)
Otz Ât-is mountains circling the Valley Dor and Korus loyal + power (“Reliable Strength”)
ov âv 7; seven seven
ovis âv-is violet; the seventh Barsoomian ray seven + power (“The Seventh Ray”)
ox âx deep/profound/wise deep
O-Zar Ō Zâr warrior of Manataj simple + fish (“Unadorned Fish”)
Ozara Ō Zâr-â jeddara of Tarid; maid of Domnia simple + fish + female (“Unadorned Female Fish”)
pad pad small small
padan pad-an day small + cycle (“Small Cycle”)
Padang Pad-aŋ Lesser Helium small + city (“Lesser City”)
padin pad-in aisle/hallway small + street (“Small Street”)
padjed pad-ĵed prince/chief small + king (“Minor King”)
padjeda pad-ĵed-â princess small + king + female (“Minor Queen”)
padka pad-ka small cup shield used to parry during combat by the yellow men small + defend (“Small Defender”)
padoom pad-üm lesser noble small + noble (“Lesser Noble”)
padtar pad-târ short sword small + sword (“Small Sword”)
padwar pad-dwr lieutenant small + leader (“Minor Leader”)
Padzok Pad-zâk a dead city small + volcano (“Small Volcano”)
pal pal blood blood
palta pal-tâ scarlet grass blood + plant (“Blood Plant”)
palthon pal-ŧân rare blood-red stone with white designs blood + pattern (“Blood Pattern”)
pan pan freedom/liberty/free free
Pan Dan Chee Pan Dan Ĵē man of Horz; husband of Llana free + six + XXX (“Freedom Six XXX”)
Pandar Pan-dâr a red man from Phundahl free + thousand (“Many Freedoms”)
Panar pan-âr kingdom of north free + jewel (“Free Jewel”)
Pankor Pan-kōr Capital of Panar; domed city at North pole free + dig (“Free Canal”)
panthan pan-ŧan mercenary free + warrior (“Free Warrior”)
par pâr merchant/seller merchant
Parthak Pâr-ŧak a guard of Zodanga merchant + bow (“Bow Seller”)
Pew Mogel Pē-ü Mō-gel the first attempt at a hormad; mad genius coin + child + scavenge + enemy (“Small Change for Spoils of War”)
phai daughter/sister daughter
Phaicluros Fī-kil-ür-ōs Daughter of the Lesser Moon; epithet of Issus daughter + black + truth + moon (“Daughter of Cluros”)
Phaidor Fī-dōr thern; daughter of Matai Shang daughter + valley (“Daughter of the Valley”)
Phao Fâ Ō maid of Jahar honey + simple (“Raw Honey”)
Pho Lar Fō Lâ savator from Sasoom insignia + slave (“Insignia of a Slave”)
Phor San Fōr San odwar of Panar metal + labor (“Metalsmith”)
Phor Tak Fōr Tak scientist of Jahar; inventor of disintegrating ray and “Flying Death” metal + second (“Efficient Metalworker”)
phund füń marsh marsh
Phundahl Füń-âl red nation on the edge of the Toonoolian Marshes marsh + distant (“Distant Marshland”)
Phystal Fis-tal man of Zodanga cook + minute (“Fast Cook”)
pi coin/disk/pebble coin
pimalia pē-mâ-lē-â oil tree known for its large, silver flowers in the shape of disks coin + silver + produce + female (“Female Producer of Silver Disks”)
pin pin sadness/gloom/melancholy gloom
Pinsar Pin-zâr Name of airship gloom + fish (“Gloomy Fish”)
Pnoxus Pin-âx-is prince of Invak; also former ocean? gloom + deep + water (“Deep Gloomy Sea”)
po invisible/imaginary imaginary
Polistor Pō-lis-tōr a dead city imaginary + final + four ("“Final Imaginary Perfection”)
polodona pō-lō-dō-nâ Barsoomian equator imaginary + west + east + circle (“Imaginary East-West Circle”)
Povak Pō Vak a gorthan of Zodanga imaginary + tree (“Unseen Tree”)
povar pō-vâr the study of mathematics, philosophy and logic imaginary + science (“Imaginary Science”)
Pra-ohn Pē-râ-ōn dead city knoted for its azure spiral towers and ivory domes; great port on the Southern Ocean coin + top + XXX ("")
ptan ţan maze/labyrinth maze
Ptang Ţaŋ a warrior of Xaxak structure (“Wall”)
ptang ţaŋ wall/structure/building structure
ptangman ţaŋ-man atmosphere factory structure + air (“Air Factory”)
Ptantus Ţan-tis jeddak of Invak maze + complex (“Baffling Maze”)
ptar ţâr an extinct sea leviathan whale
Ptarth Ţâr-iŧ a red nation; known for its fine wines whale + killer (“Whalers”)
ptom ţâm quay quay
Ptomak Ţâm-ak A soldier in the service of the Great One and the Council of Five quay + battle (“Battle of the Quays”)
Ptomin Ţâm In Avenue of the Quays in Aaanthor quay + street (“Quay Avenue”)
ptor ţōr ancient harpoon harpoon
Ptor Fak Ţōr Fak red man of Zodanga harpoon + throw (“Harpooner”)
Ptoth Ţōŧ obscure kingdom in the Great Rift Valley XXX
ptoth ţōŧ XXX
quad kwd inlet inlet
quas kws harbor harbor
Rab-zov Rap Zâv guard of Panar thirst + lost (“Lost Appetite”)
rad rad leather/hide leather
rah pole/top top
rak rak sneak about sneak
ran ran citadel/palace palace
rap rap thirst/hunger thirst
Rapas Rap-as gurthan of Zodanga; known as the Ulsio thirst + field (“Barren Fields”)
raptharta rap-ŧâr-tâ yellow lichen that covers the dead sea bottoms thirst + ocean + plant (“Thirsty Ocean Plant”)
Ras Thavas Ras Ŧav-is scientist of Toonol; The Master Mind of Mars fast + sailor + water (“Swift Sailor of the Seas”)
rasjat ras-ĵat rapid-fire radium gun fast + gun (“Fast Gun”)
Rasoom Ras-süm Mercury fast + world (“Fast Planet”)
rav rav slaver/raider/pirate slaver
rax rax cave/chamber chamber
Raxar Rax-âr city of red men chamber + jewel (“Cave Jewel”)
raz raz [XXX]
Razd Raz-id another calot [XXX] + victor (“XXX”)
ro joy/happiness joy
Ro Tan Bim Rō Tan Bim an ancient man of Horz joy + hundred + laugh (“Happiness from a Hundred Laughs”)
Rojas Rō Ĵâ-is maid of Invak joy + gorgeous + power (“Joy Gorgeous Power”)
ru dance dance
Ruzaar Rü-zâr Name of airship of Helium dance + fish (“Dancing Fish”)
ry blind blind
rykor rī-kōr burrowing animal; host for kaldane blind + dig (“Blind Burrower”)
sa sa eye eye
Saar Sa-âr kaldane female eye + jewel (“Eye Jewel”)
sab sab watchful/vigilant/awake awake
Sab Than Sab Ŧan jed of Zodanga; son of Than Kosis awake + warrior (“Vigilant Warrior”)
sag sag ax/hatchet ax
Sag Or Sag Ōr noble of Phundahl ax + new (“New Ax”)
sak sak jump jump
salen sa-lan sunrise eye + gold (“Golden Eye”)
Salensus Oll Sa-lan Ziŧ-ōl warlord of Okar eye + gold + strong + mountain (“Sunrise over the Mighty Mountain”)
san san labor/worker/effort labor
San Tothis San Tō-ŧis commander of the Vanator labor + hot + vase (“Potter”)
Sanoma Tora Sa-nō-mâ Tōr-â maid of Helium; daughter of Tor Hatan eye + intelligent + silver + four + female (“Perfection with Keen Silver Eyes”)
Sarakaas Sa-rak-â-as a red nation eye + sneak + great + field (“Oglers of the Great Field”)
Saran Tal Sa-ran Tal servant of Carthoris in Helium eye + palace + minute (“XXX”)
Sasoom Sa-süm Jupiter eye + world (“Eye Planet”)
Sator Throg Sa-tōr Ŧür-âg a thern of the tenth cycle eye + four + white + XXX (“Perfect Eyes of the White XXX”)
savator sa-vâ-tōr blue men of Sasoom eye + student + four (“Disciples of the Perfect Eye”)
see tooth/fang tooth
seen sēn changing colors/chameleon/scintillating iridescent
seenar sēn-âr the only priceless jewel on Barsoom; shines with nine colors iridescent + jewel (“Iridescent Jewel”)
Senneth Dor Sen-iŧ Dōr xxx + killer + valley (“XXX”)
Sept Seţ a kaldane of Bantoom; member of swarm of Luud tuber (“Root Bug”)
sept seţ tuber/root insect that invades tuber
septak seţ-ak Fighting Potato; sobriquet of the usa tuber + battle (“Battle Tuber”)
sha ša forbidden forbidden
Shador Ša-dōr an island prison in the Omean forbidden + valley (“Forbidden Valley”)
shang šaŋ temple temple
Sharu Ša-rü maid of Ghasta forbidden + dance (“Forbidden Dance”)
Shatoom Ša-tüm Barsoomian name for the arctic circle; “the forbidden land” forbidden + land (“Forbidden Land”)
shwiltngind šwĺ-ŋiń leader of a swarm XXX
si si scale/rough/bristly rough
sil sil reptile/lizard/snake reptile
Sil Vagis Sil Vaĵ-is a teedwar of Helium reptile + shy + power (“Lizard of Cautious Power”)
silian sil-ē-an slimy reptile of the Korus reptile + from + cycle (“Lizard of the Past”)
silkis sil-kis progenitor worms; 16-legged reptile + ancestor (“Ancestor Snake”)
sin sin [XXX]
sis sis water/power/ray power
Sitara Si-târ-â a famous queen of Zodanga rough + sword + female (“Unsharpened Sword”)
sith si-iŧ giant insect of Kaol rough + killer (“Bristly Killer”)
skeel si-kēl nut-bearing hardwood rough + skin (“Scaly Bark”)
so south south
sof sōf inch (measurement) tiny
sofad sōf-ad foot (measurement) tiny + broad (“Tiny Width”)
sohn sōn kiss kiss
sol sōl [XXX]
Sola Sōl-â green woman of Thark; daughter of Tars Tarkas XXX + female (XXX)
Solan Sō-lan an Okarian south + gold (“Golden One of the South”)
somp sâţ fruit of sompus tree fruit
sompus sâţ-is fruit tree cultivated on the banks of canals fruit + water (“Water Fruit”)
soom süm planet/world/land world
soomad süm-ad circumference measurement world + broad (“Planet Width”)
soomvar süm-vâr the study of Barsoom’s meteorology, geology and metallurgy world + science (“Planet Science”)
sorak sō-rak household pet with six legs – the size of a hand; Barsoomian cat south + sneak (“Southern Creeper”)
sorapus sō-rap-is hardwood; nut-bearing; known for grain and multi-colored flowers south + thirst + water (“Thirsty Plant From South”)
Sorav Sō Rav warrior of Okar south + slaver (“Southern Slaver”)
Sorkan Sō-kan ancient city hidden beyond portal south + friend (“Southern Ally”)
Sovan Sō Van prince of Ptarth; son of Thuvan Dihn; brother of Thuvia south + priest (“Priest of the South”)
Stara Kan Si-târ-â Kan a Zodangan; former dwar rough + sword + female + friend (“Follower of Sitara”)
sy see/vision see
Syl Sil an underground river reptile (“The Snake”)
Sytor Sī-tōr warrior of Dusar see + four (“Perfect Vision”)
Taak Tâ-ak Kaldane; type of pest? plant + battle (“Plant Attack”)
tab tab spy spy
tabthan tab-ŧan scout spy + warrior (“Spy Warrior”)
tah plant plant
tahmad tâ-mad plant men plant + man (“Plant Man”)
tai father/caretaker/tender father
taj taĵ emerald emerald
tak tak second second
Tak Nan Lee Tak Nan Lē orovar of 100,000 years ago second + XXX + produce (“XXX”)
tal tal 44 seconds; Barsoomian minute; moment minute
Tal Hajus Tal Aĵ-is jeddak of Thark minute + alluring + power (“A Flurry of Dangerous Power”)
Tal Mordin Tal Mōr-din minute + death + prayer (“Moment for Final Prayer”)
Tal Tarag Tal Târ-âg minute + sword + XXXX (“XXXX”)
Talu Tal-ü prince of Marentina; nephew of Salensus Oll minute + children (“Child of the Moment”)
tan tan 100; hundred hundred
Tan Gama Tan Gâ-mâ a Warhoon hundred + fire + silver (“A Hundred Silver Flames”)
Tan Hadron Tan Aĵ-in padwar of Helium; son of Had Urtur; husband of Tavia hundred + alluring + road (“Hundred Dangerous Paths”)
tanpi tan-pē a gold coin worth 100 pis hundred + coin (“Hundred Coins”)
Tanus Tan-is crewman of the Vanator hundred + power (“Powerful as a Hundred”)
tanzar tan-zâr cruiser hundred + fish (“Hundred Fish”)
tar târ sword sword
Tara Târ-â princess of Helium; daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris; wife of Gahan; mother of Llana sword + female (“Sword”)
Tardos Mors Târ-dōs Mōr-is jeddak of Helium; father of Mors Kajak; grandfather of Dejah Thoris sword + ready + life + power (“A Ready Sword and Soul”)
Tarid Târ-id a formerly powerful nation in Ladan (Thuria) sword + victor (“Won by Sword”)
Tario Târ-ē Ō orovar jeddak of Lothar sword + from + simple (“Obviously Sword-born”)
Tars Tarkas Târ-is Târ-kis jeddak of Thark sword + power + sword + ancestor (“Mighty as My Ancestor’s Swords”)
Tasor Té-zōr a noble of Gathol sun + tower (“Lighthouse”)
tav tav XXX
Tavak Té-vak sun + tree (“Radiant Tree”)
Tavia Té-vē-â a slave of Jahar; daughter of Kal Tavan sun + virgin + female (“Sun Maiden”)
tay sun/radiance/star sun
ted ted plank/slab/ingot/bench plank
tee 10; ten ten
teean tē-an month ten + cycle (“Ten Cycles”)
teeay tē-é 11; eleven ten + one
Teeaytan-ov Tē-é Tan Âv a hormad eleven + hundred + seven (“Eleven Hundred Seven”)
teebar tē-bâr 18; eighteen ten + eight
teedan tē-dan 16; sixteen ten + six
teedwar tē-dwr colonel ten + leader
tee-en tē-en 15; fifteen ten + five
teeian tē-ē-an Thern of the Tenth Cycle ten + from + cycle (“Of the Tenth Cycle”)
tee-il tē-il 13; thirteen ten + three
teej tēĵ XXX
teeko tē-kō 12; twelve ten + two
teeov tē-âv 17; seventeen ten + seven
teepi tē-pē a silver coin worth 10 pis ten + coin (“Ten Coins”)
teesis tē-sis the tenth barsoomian ray ten + power (“The Tenth Ray”)
teethor tē-ŧōr 19; nineteen ten + nine
teetor tē-tōr 14; fourteen ten + four
teezar tē-zâr light or scout cruiser ten + fish (“Ten Flier”)
tel tel rare/hard to find rare
tha ŧa do/doer do
Thabis Ŧa-bis slave of the First Born? Issus’ chief? do + peace (“Peacemaker”)
thak ŧak bow bow
thakthan ŧak-ŧan archer/bowman bow + warrior (“Bow Warrior”)
than ŧan warrior warrior
Than Kosis Ŧan Kō-sis jeddak of Zodanga; father of Sab Than warrior + two + power (“Orange Warrior”)
Thanth Ŧan-iŧ Destroyer of Warriors; a silver-skinned giant calot warrior + killer (“Warrior Killer”)
thar ŧâr ocean/sea ocean
Thar Ban Ŧâr Ban jed of Torquas ocean + roar (“Roar of the Ocean”)
Thark Ŧâr-âk ancient seaport of Barsoom ocean + throne (“Ocean Throne”)
thas ŧas cavalryman/rider rider
thav ŧav sailor sailor
thee ŧē [XXX]
thermad ŧür-mad White Men white + man (“White Man”)
thern ŧür-en the white men of Barsoom; priests of Issus white + five (“The White Hand”)
this ŧis vase/pottery/vessel vase
thoat ŧōt the Barsoomian horse; eight-legged steed (“Steed”)
thon ŧân pattern/design pattern
thor ŧōr 9; nine nine
thorian ŧōr-ē-an Thern of the Ninth Cycle nine + from + cycle (“Of the Ninth Cycle”)
thoris ŧōr-is the ninth Barsoomian ray nine + power (“The Ninth Ray”)
Throxus Ŧür-âx-is mightiest of the five ancient oceans of Barsoom white + deep + power (“The Deep White Sea”)
thu ŧü pure/virgin/unblemished pure
thu thoat ŧü-ŧōt rare albino thoat ridden by jeddaks steed + pure (“Pure Thoat”)
thur ŧür white white
Thurd Ŧür-id a horde of green men white + victor (“Victory Over Whites”)
Thuria Ŧür-ē-â the nearer moon of Barsoom; the greater moon; Phobos white + from + female (“Woman from the White”)
Thurid Ŧür-id dator of the First Born white + victor (“Victor Over Whites”)
Thuvan Dihn Ŧü-van Din jeddak of Ptarth; father of Sovan and Thuvia pure + priest + pray (“A Pure Priest’s Prayer”)
Thuvia Ŧü-vē-â maid of Ptarth; wife of Carthoris; daughter of Thuvan Dihn pure + virgin + female (“Pure Maiden”)
tin tin fly/flying fly
tinnar tin-nâr equilibrimotor; flying harness fly + harness (“Flying Harness”)
Tinth Tin-iŧ the “Flying Death” fly + killer (“Flying Killer”)
tis tis complex/complicated/intricate complex
tith tiŧ hunt/hunter/track/find/compass hunt
Tjanath Ĵan-iŧ a red nation in southwest whisper + killer (“The Silent Killer”)
toh hot hot
tok tâk fertile/blooming fertile
tol tōl lofty/high high
toom tüm land/territory land
toon tün mind/brain/thought thought
Toon Shang Tün Šaŋ the Temple of Knowledge temple
toonlat tün-lat mentalist thought + master (“Thought Master”)
Toonol Tün-ōl red nation; very scientific thought + mountain (“Knowledge Mountain”)
tor tōr 4; four; symmetrical, perfect four
Tor Hatan Tōr Ât-an noble and odwar of Helium; father of Sanoma Tora four + loyal + cycle (“Perfect and Always Faithful”)
Tor-dur-bar Tōr Dür Bâr a hormad four + million + eight (“Four Million Eight”)
toris tōr-is green; the fourth Barsoomian ray four + power (“The Fourth Ray”)
torismad tōr-is-mad green men four + power + man (“Green Man”)
Torith Tōr-iŧ dator of First Born four + killer (“Perfect Killer”)
Torkar Bar Tōr-kâr Bâr dwar of Kaol four + greatest + eight (“Most Perfect and Wondrous Son”)
Torquas Tōr-kws ancient seaport of Barsoom four + harbor (“Perfect Harbor”)
Torquas Padthar Tōr-kws Pad-ŧâr the Gulf of Torquas four + harbor + small + ocean (“Small Sea of the Perfect Harbor”)
tos tōs gift/bond/alliance/agreement/contract gift
T’ralla Ŧür-âl-â an alien reptile stranded in Zeere; dominated inhabitants with mental powers white + distant + female (“Distant White Woman”)
tul tül logical/rational logic
Tul Axtar Tül Âx-târ jeddak of Jahar logic + deep + sword (“Caclulating and Wise Sword”)
Tun Gan Tün Gan name taken by Tor-dur-bar in new body thought + scribe (“Philosopher”)
Tur Tür god of Phundahl holy
tur tür god/divinity/holy holy
tura tür-â goddess holy + female (“Goddess”)
Tura Gor Vor Tür-â Gōr Vōr Goddess of Death and Eternal Life; epithet of Issus holy + female + death + eternity (“Goddess of Death and Eternity”)
Turan Tür-an alias used by Gahan holy + cycle (“Blessed Cycle”)
Turgan Tür-gan sacred writings of Tur holy + script (“Holy Scriptures”)
Turjun Tür-ĵan alias used by Carthoris holy + whisper (“Prayer”)
Turtoom Tür-tüm The Holy Land; another name for the Valley Dor holy + land (“Holy Land”)
U Dan Ü Dan padwar of Zor child + six (“Sixth Child”)
udak ü-dak guild of Assassins child + dagger (“Children of the Dagger”)
U-Dor Ü Dōr dwar of Manator child + valley (“Valley Born”)
udur ü-dür army child + million (“Million Children”)
U-Gor Ü Gōr a province of Jahar inhabited by cannibals child + death (“Death’s Progeny”)
uk ük [XXX]
U-Kal Ü Kal alias of Gahan of Gathol child + beast (“Beast Child”)
ul ül fierce fierce
Ul Vas Ül Vas jeddak of the Tarids OLD BARSOOMIAN?
Ulah Ü Lâ slave of the Tarids OLD BARSOOMIAN?
Uldak Ül Dak gurthan of Zodanga fierce + dagger (“Vicious Tooth”)
ulsio ül-sē-ō Barsoomian rat fierce + tooth + simple (“Nothing but Fierce Fangs”)
Ul-to Ül Tō kadar of Panar fierce + hot (“Fierce and Hot”)
umak ü-mak military unit of 10,000 men children + 10,000 (“Ten Thousand Children”)
Umka üm-ka Masena cat man of Thuria noble + defend (“Noble Defender”)
ur ür true/truth truth
Ur Jan Ür Ĵan head of the Assassin’s Guild of Zodanga truth + whisper (“Whisperer of Truth”)
Ur Raj Ür Aĵ a padwar of Hastor in Helium’s navy truth + alluring (“The Deadly Truth”)
urtith ür-tiŧ destination control compass truth + hunt (“True Compass”)
urvor ür-vōr Martian custom of not lying truth + eternity (“Truth Forever”)
usa ü-sa fruit tree child + eye (“Eyefruit”)
utan ü-tan military unit of 100 men children + hundred (“Hundred Children”)
utee ü-tē military unit of 10 men children + ten (“Ten Children”)
Uthia Ü-ŧē-â servant of Tara in Helium child + [XXX] + female (
U-Thor Ü Ŧōr jed of Manatos; husband of Haja child + nine (“Ninth Child”)
U-Van Ü Van a soldier of Manator child + priest (“Priest’s Child”)
va student/disciple student
vad vad assistant/help help
Vad Varo Vad Vâr-ō Barsoomian name of Ulysses Paxton help + science + simple (“Common Lab Assistant”)
vai mother/nurturer/feeder mother
vaj vaĵ shy/bashful/cautious shy
Vaja Vaĵ-â a noble of Zor; a cousin of Multis Par shy + female (“Bashful”)
vak vak forest/tree tree
Vak Zavmad Vak Zâv-mad the Forest of Lost Men forest + lost + man (“Forest of the Lost Men”)
val val hope/wish hope
Val Dor Val Dōr warrior of Helium hope + valley (“Hopeful Valley”)
Val Padin Val Pad-in Aisle of Hope in Helium hope + small + street (“Small Street of Hope”)
Valla Dia Val-â Dé-â maid of Duhor; daughter of Kor San hope + female + flower + female (“Hopeful Flower”)
van van priest priest
Van Dor Van Dōr alias used by John Carter priest + valley (“Priest of the Valley”)
vana van-â priestess priest + female (“Female Priest”)
Vanator Van-â-tōr name of airship; cruiser of Gathol priest + great + four (“More Perfect Priest”)
vanoom van-üm high priest priest + noble (“Noble Priest”)
Van-tija Van-tē-ĵâ principal wife of Nastor priest + ten + gorgeous (“Priestess Ten Times as Beautiful”)
Vanuma Van-üm-â first wife of Jal Had priest + noble + female (“Noble Priestess”)
vanuma van-üm-â high priestess priest + noble + female (“Noble Priestess”)
var vâr science/scientist science
Varnal Vâr Nal a ruined city; the green city? science + XXX (“XXX”)
vas vas plan/design/strategy plan
Vas Kor Vas Kōr noble of Dusar plan + dig (“Canal Designer”)
vee virgin/innocent virgin
visha vē-ša Martian custom of not prying into female’s minds virgin + forbidden (“Virgin Forbidden”)
vo glory/fame/famous glory
vobis vō-bis honor/honorable glory + peace (“Peaceful Glory”)
Vobis Kan Vō-bis Kan jeddak of Toonol glory + peace + friend (“Honored Friend”)
vol vōl [XXX]
Vol Koroth Vōl Kōr-iŧ XXX + dig + killer ("")
von vân [XXX]
Voormenihes Vür-men-is ancient philisopher XXX
vor vōr eternity/forever eternity
Vor Daj Vōr Daĵ a padwar of Helium eternity + question (“The Eternal Question”)
Vosar Vō-zâr Name of airship glory + fish (“Glorious Fish”)
Vythuria Vī-ŧür-ē-â Mother of the Nearer Moon; epithet of Issus mother + white + from + female (“Mother of Thuria”)
war wr [XXX]
Warhoon Wr-ün ancient dead seaport XXXX + XXXX (“XXXXX”)
wen wn [XXX]
Wolak Ül-ak slave of Zodanga child + battle (“Child of Battle”)
Woola Ü-lâ calot of John Carter child + slave (“Child of a Slave”)
Xanator Zan-â-tōr ancient seaport of Barsoom love + great + four (“More Perfect Love”)
xat zat unit of time – about 3 minutes; equal to 4 taks zat
Xavarian Zâv-vâr-ē-an name of airship; flagship of Kantos Kan lost + science + from + cycle (“Explorer of Yesteryear”)
xax zax splendor/opulence splendor
Xaxa Zax-â jeddara of Phundahl; high priestess of Tur splendor + female (“Majesty”)
Xaxak Zax-ak dator of the First Born of Kamtol splendor + battle (“Grandeur of War”)
Xodar Zō-dâr jeddak of the First Born spear + thousand (“Thousand Spears”)
Yamdor Ē-am-dōr slave of Ras Thavas; rumored to have mind of woman from + farm + valley (“From a Farm in the Valley”)
yano ē-an-ō ancient game of chance from + cycle + simple (“From a Simpler Time”)
Yersted Ir-is Ted a First Born officer in charge of submarine stone + power + plank (“Slab of Ersite”)
yo ē-ō egg from + simple (“From Basic”)
Yo Seno Ē-ō Sēn-ō servant of Tjanath; keeper of the keys from + simple + iridescent + simple (“Simply Iridescent Egg”)
Yorn Ē-ōr-in from + new + street (“Comprised of New Streets”)
za za run/runner run
Zad Za-ad a Thark run + broad (“Broad Runner”)
zak zak climb climb
Zamak Za-mak chief guard of Ladan OLD BARSOOMIAN?
zan zan love/passion love
Zan Dar Zan Dâr a savator from Sasoom; of Zanor love + thousand (“Thousand Passions”)
zand zań sex/lovemaking sex
Zanda Zań-â a slave girl of Zodanga sex + female (“Sex Toy”)
Zanor Zan-ōr an island on Sasoom love + new (“New Love”)
zar zâr fish/airship fish
zaras zâr-as ground airship fish + field (“Field Flier”)
Zarquad Zâr-kwd a green horde of Barsoom fish + inlet (“Fish Inlet”)
Zat Arrras Zat Âr-ras a noble of Zodanga zat + jewel + fast (“Flashing Jewel”)
Zeere Zēr a trading outpost [XXX]
zeere zēr [XXX]
Zhuvahn D’ark Zü-vân Dâr-ik night + XXX + thousand + XXX ("")
zith ziŧ strong/powerful strong
Zithad Ziŧ-ad dator of the First Born; assigned to Temple of Issus strong + broad (“Strong and Broad One”)
zitidar ziŧ-dâr a mastodonian draft animal strong + thousand (“Strong as a Thousand”)
zo spear spear
Zodanga Zō-dan-gâ a red nation; traditional enemy of Helium spear + six + fire (“Six Flaming Spears”)
zode zōd hour; pause, break, introspection, meditation hour
zok zâk volcano volcano
Zont mountains [XXX]
Zor Zōr a red nation; part of Heliumatic Empire tower (“The Tower”)
zor zōr tower tower
zov zâv lost/missing/wanderer lost
Zov Morstoom zâv-mōr-is-tüm Land of Lost Souls; limbo near the Valley Dor lost + life + power + land (“Land of Lost Souls”)
zovzar zâv-zâr derelict, abandoned airship lost + fish (“Lost Airship”)
zu night/evening night
Zu Tith Zü Tiŧ jed of Zor night + hunt (“Night Stalker”)
Zuki Zü-kē man of Gooli night + cover (“Nightfall”)

Appendix B Etymology

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