The core skills of Savage Worlds are used for Barsoomian Adventures with the following exceptions and adjustments:

This skill only applies to the submarines employed by the Black Pirates. In ancient Barsoom, it would apply to the seafaring ships.

Note that despite their additional limbs, Green Men are notoriously poor climbers.

This skill governs the chariots of the Green Men and “ground fliers”.


The following are relevant focuses for Barsoom: Ancient History, Area Knowledge, Battle, History, Politics, Science, Tactics.

As there are no thieves on Barsoom, this is disallowed.

“There was scarcely a man, woman or child in any of the flying nations of Barsoom but could have constructed some sort of a flier.” FMM/10
This skill applies specifically to airships from one-man scout fliers to the dreadnoughts of the Red navies.

This skill covers any beasts that are employed as mounts, from thoats to malagors.

This skills is very rare on Barsoom. There are few opportunities to swim in canals (or lost seas).


The core hindrances of Savage Worlds are used for Barsoomian Adventures with the following exceptions and adjustments:

Airsickness (Major)
The character must make a Vigor check each time he leaves solid ground. On a failure, he is nauseated and suffers a -2 to all trait rolls until he spends an hour on land. In storms, the Vigor check happens every round until the storm subsides or he fails. If already airsick, the penalty is increased to -4.

Arrogant (Minor)
The character believes he is superior, whether through social standing, or by merit.

Big Mouth (Minor)
The character can’t keep his mouth shut. He reveals plans and gives away information at the worst possible times.

Blind (Major)
The character cannot see. He suffers a -6 penalty to all physical tasks that require vision and a -2 to most social tasks.

Cocky (Minor)
The character is a braggart and must spend the first round of combat boasting unless he spends a Benny.

Code of Honor, Heroic, Loyal, Vow
These are the most common hindrances for Barsoomian characters.

Dependent (Major)
The character is completely devoted to an individual and will do anything to protect them. The dependent is a Novice rank character. If the dependent ever dies, the character is grief-stricken for the rest of the campaign and only receives one benny at the beginning of each game session. This penalty is only removed by vengeance. Only then can a new dependent be designated.

Doubting Thomas, Greedy, Poverty
These are disallowed.

Glass Jaw (Minor)
The character can’t take a solid hit. He suffers a -2 penalty to Soak rolls.

Land Lover (Major)
The character cannot initially purchase the Boating or Piloting skill during character creation. The character always suffers -2 on these skill rolls. In addition, he inflicts a -2 penalty to any group rolls on a vessel where he is a crewmember.

Obese, Pacifist, Ugly, Yellow
These are very rare on Barsoom.

One Arm (Major)
Whether by birth, accident or battle, the character has lost an arm. Any task requiring two hands (such as Climbing) suffers a -4 modifier.

Phobia (Minor or Major)
The character has an irrational fear. Whenever in the presence of the phobia, he suffers -2 penalty (or -4 for Major) to all Trait tests.

Stigma (Minor)
The character has a visible signifier of some social stigma among his people. He suffers -2 Charisma when dealing with members of his own race.

Thinker (Major)
The character believes that thinking is the ideal pursuit of sentient beings and should be prized above base physical activity. The character will only engage in physical acts when responding to a stimulus.

Xenophobic (Minor or Major)
The character has extremely negative view of all races other than their own. The character suffers -2 Charisma (or -4 for Major) when dealing with members of other races.


The core Edges of Savage Worlds are used for Barsoomian Adventures with the following exceptions and adjustments:

Background Edges

Arcane Background (Magic), Arcane Background (Super Powers), Arcane Resistance (Magic), Arcane Resistance (Super Powers)
These are disallowed.

Same as core, but characters can voluntarily go berserk by spending a Benny.

Requirements: Ambidextrous
For multi-limbed creatures, eliminates the -2 penalty for using off-limbs

Same as core, but characters do not receive the Rich Edge for free.

Combat Edges

Requirements: Strength d6, Vigor d6, Fighting d8
The character can rain powerful blows with his limbs. When fighting unarmed, he inflicts Strength + d6 damage with his fists.

Dark Fighter
Requirements: Notice d8
Reduces lighting penalties by 1.

Blind Fighter
Requirements: Dark Fighter, Notice d10
Reduces lighting penalties by 4.

Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned
The character will do anything to win a fight, even break the established customs of combat (e.g. drawing a pistol on a swordsman, attacking someone of opposite sex). Gains +2 bonus to any Trick Maneuvers. A character may not have the Code of Honor hindrance.

Really Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighter
The character is a master of dirty tricks. By describing the trick and spending a Benny, the character can automatically get the Drop on any single opponent, allowing the character to be on Hold and giving a +4 to attack and damage if they choose to strike.

Improved Defense
Requirements: Agility d8, Fighting d10
The character is a master of defensive fighting. A character who performs a Defend action gains an additional +4 to Parry (instead of +2). He also subtracts 2 from any ranged attacks and adds +2 to evasion attempts on area attacks.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8
The character can entangle a foe’s weapon arm when making a Disarm attack. The entangled foe cannot Withdraw from combat unless they escape (same as breaking a grapple). Unlike a grapple, the character can continue to use a one-handed weapon.

Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8, Fighting d8
The character makes a running attack which begins as a leap. If the character moves at least 2” before making the attack, he may Withdraw from combat without others receiving a free attack. Note that the character is still vulnerable to First Strike from his foe.

Iron Jaw
Requirements: Vigor d8
The character can absorb damage as if made of steel. He receives +2 to Soak rolls.

Iron Will
Requirements: Spirit d8
The character holds his ground where lesser men might flee. He gains +2 to all Guts rolls.

Requirements: Fighting d8
The character holds can extend the reach of his weapon by +1. This cannot be combined with First Strike, Frenzy, Riposte or Sweep.

No Mercy
Requirements: Seasoned
The character holds can spend a benny to reroll damage from a successful attack. The reroll only applies to one roll (not from a Sweep attack for example).

Precision Strike
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8
The character is a master swordsman, capable of finding weak spots in his opponent. Ignore 1 point of Armor (natural or crafted).

Improved Precision Strike
Requirements: Veteran, Precision Strike
As Precision Strike, but ignore 2 points of Armor.

Requirements: Seasoned, First Strike, Fighting d8
Once per round, a character receives a free Fighting attack at -2 against an opponent who has failed a Fighting attack against him. The riposte must be a straight attack (no maneuvers) and may not be combined with Frenzy, Lunge or Sweep.

Improved Riposte
Requirements: Veteran, Riposte
As Riposte, but with no penalty.

Rock and Roll!

Spot Weakness
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8, Fighting d8, Notice d6
The character is a master swordsman, capable of exploiting the weaknesses of his opponent. If an opponent of a Fighting attack rolls a 1, the character receives +1 to Fighting for rest of combat.

Trademark Weapon, Improved Trademark Weapon
These are disallowed. All weapons on Barsoom are of exceedingly high quality and are interchangeable.

Web of Steel
Requirements: Veteran, Florentine
The character is experienced with fighting off hordes of opponents. Foes do not receive “gang up” bonuses.

Command Edges

Command Presence
Requirements: Novice, Command
The character’s booming voice gives him a leadership radius of 10” instead of 5”.

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8, Command
The character’s personality gives courage to others. Those under the character’s leadership gain +2 to Guts rolls.

Gifted Leader
Requirements: Veteran, Command
The character enjoys unnatural respect from his followers. Extras making group rolls while under the character’s leadership roll d8 as the Wild Die instead of d6.

Power Edges

Brilliant Scientist
Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Weird Science), Smarts d8, Repair d8, Weird Science d8
The character is one of the brightest minds on Barsoom. Each raise the character gets on his activation roll (for self-created inventions) reduce the cost by 1 Power Point.

Requirements: Veteran, Arcane Background (Weird Science), Smarts d10, Repair d10, Weird Science d10
Devices created by the character only ever fail on critical failures.

Soul Drain

Professional Edges

Ace, Champion, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Investigator, Mr. Fix-It, Thief, Wizard, Woodsman
These are disallowed.

Brute Warrior
Requirements: Green Man or Synthetic Man, Seasoned, Fighting d8
The character is short on fancy maneuvers but long on sheer power. Reduce Parry by 1 but receive a +2 on damage and +2 to Toughness.

Requirements: Red Man or White Man, Smarts d8, Knowledge (Ancient History) d8
The character gets a +2 to all Knowledge (Ancient History) rolls, as well as any Survival or Notice rolls while traveling outside of settled areas.

Requirements: Agility d8, Fighting d6, Notice d6
The character is a trained bodyguard or kadar [ka-dâr]. The character must declare whom he is guarding at the beginning of any combat. As long as the guardian stays within 1” of his charge, any attack is aimed at the guardian instead. A guardian can switch charges during combat, but doing so requires one full action. The character receives a Benny each time he takes a wound (not for Shaken) while defending in this way.

Naval Warrior
Requirements: Red Man or Black Man, Agility d8, Piloting d8
The character is at home in the skies of Barsoom, piloting scout fliers or serving as a crew member on a battle flier. Add + 2 to Piloting. In addition, characters may spend a Benny to make soak rolls for any fliers they control. This is a Piloting roll at -2 (which cancels the bonus). Each success (and raise) negates a wound and cancelling any associated critical hit. In addition, the character can modify his roll on the Critical Hit Table by 1 point either way.

Requirements: Fighting d8, Guts d6, Knowledge (Tactics) d6
The character is a fighting man in the service of a city-state. Characters gain a +2 on all Guts and Knowledge (Tactics) checks, and use a d8 rather than a d6 for extra damage when they raise on an attack roll.

Requirements: Agility d6, Fighting d8
The character has heavily trained in the art of sword dueling. Characters gain a +1 Parry when armed with a long or short sword. Characters also gain a +1 bonus to offset any Called Shot penalties.

Social Edges

Requirements: Veteran
Whether a hero or villain, the character may add Charisma to Intimidation rolls. Negative Charisma should be treated as a positive for this use.

Veil of Privacy
Requirements: Stealth d8
The character is always wary of his surroundings. Any attempts to spy or eavesdrop suffer a -2 penalty to Notice rolls.


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