Barsoomian Adventures!

A campaign based on ERB’s (Edgar Rice Burroughs) Martian tales, literary pastiches, the Marvel Comics adaptations from the late 1970s, the current Dynamite adaptations and the 2012 film John Carter.

The premise hinges on the conceit that ERB is canon with the caveat that ERB was transcribing narration from imperfect narrators (and uninformed Earthlings to boot!). That means that I’ve started where ERB left off – in the middle of WWII. ERB published the last Martian story in 1942. The events of the campaign begin in 1944, Earth time.

Note, that like the film, I have taken liberties with interpreting the source material – treating women as more than “maids” to be rescued, for example. Also, I have fleshed out ERB’s fake language differently than the movie producers.

The first mini-series was entitled, “The Tenth Ray of Mars” and featured the crew of a B-17 bomber mysteriously transported to Barsoom near the city of Raxar…

Barsoomian Adventures

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